<EE206 Lab, 2015F>

  Through this lab, I had experiences with ROS to control robots (Baxter and Zumy).


For example:

  ・Solving kinematics to control arm of Baxter

  ・Using AR tag and filtered accelerometer value to control Zumy


<EE206 class project>

  I developed batting robot in EE106/206 class project. This video shows how it works. If you are interested in more details, please visit the following URL. (URL: http://dai0916.wix.com/ee106battingrobot )

<EE249 Lab, 2016F>

  Through this lab, I had experiences with myRIO implementing codes via LabView Statecharts and Eclipse to control robots (kobuki).


For example:

  ・Avoiding obstacles 

  ・Climbing hill


<ECORUN CLUB, 2007-2009>  

  I had experiences with H8 micro-controller controlling the fuel injection system of engines (50cc, Honda Super Cub) in order to minimize the fuel consumption for our machine.


(See photos in the Activity page!)